Solar Bears introduce I Am The Cosmos

The Dublin duo introduce another Dublin duo, describing them as "people you need in your life".


I Am The Cosmos are a duo from Dublin who released a debut album earlier this year that picked up a lot of love from a lot of places. Solar Bears are also a duo from Dublin who released their second album, ‘Supermigration’, last month through Planet Mu. The band’s John Kowalski tells us why I Am The Cosmos are worthy of your time.

John Kowalski: “I Am The Cosmos just put out their debut LP ‘Monochrome’ on Elastic Witch. It blew up on Noisey earlier this year when it went live. The tracks were mixed in our own studio by Rian. It’s a superlative record and closes with one of my favourite pieces of music named Leaving/_The Shift_ which is scientifically perfect. There isn’t a single note or sound I would substitute in it. You can tell their influences are vast when you listen to the album, everything from 80’s soul to Japanese film composers. I am fully addicted to the bassline in Dislocate which is another highlight for me.”

“Another element that sets them apart is the level of sophistication involved, case in point with the artwork by Dorje de Burgh. More than anything I can’t wait to see where they take their sound next. I thought it was a brave move starting the LP with Lost Rhythm, it illustrated self belief and confidence in the listener due to it’s slow burn nature. It’s a real pleasure spending time with them because of their knowledge of records and their willingness to share. People you need in your life.”

Solar Bears and I Am The Cosmos will play The Nest in Dalston on 4th June. “*Click here for tickets.