Snow Ghosts – Circles Out Of Salt (Ian William Craig version)

Haunted opera remix from Snow Ghosts' latest album.


Snow Ghosts have been remixed by Ian William Craig.

Ian William Craig is, amongst other things, a trained opera singer. The words 'opera singer' admittedly carry a lot of connotations, but none of them are particularly appropriate to Craig's work: last year's 'A Turn Of Breath' was an unexpectedly accessible avant-garde record capturing his noisy, decaying sound world and earning plaudits from the sort of quarters you might expect (Tiny Mix Tapes) and those you might not (Rolling Stone). So here is Craig reworking Circles Out Of Salt, a highlight from Snow Ghosts' 'A Wrecking', where singer Augustus Ghost's voice sits atop a lost memory of a music hall performance.

Snow Ghosts will be playing live at London venue Oslo on May 2nd, supporting LA's Fool's Gold, with further dates set to be announced in the future.

Check out Snow Ghosts' guide to some of the inspirations behind 'A Wrecking'.

Houndstooth released 'A Wrecking' on February 16th 2015 (buy).