!!! – Slyd

A deep and irresistibly groovy new track from !!!, taken from the awesomely-titled new album 'THR!!!ER'.


Slyd is an ode to sample-based dance music, a genre with a slippery history when it comes to legality. Rather than go into the effort of clearing samples, !!! decided to just create their own and liberally pepper the song with them. The result is awesome. There are percussive snaps and daft vocals pop up and keep shifting (sometimes a girl chanting, sometimes an R&B vocal line, sometimes a deep male voice), but the real thing that dominates is the groove. The rhythm is tight, the bassline irresistibly deep, and the space between each element nigh-on perfect. Are !!! one of the planet’s most underrated bands?

Warp will release !!!‘s new album ‘THR!!!ER’ on April 29th.

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