slowthai announces his debut album, ‘Nothing Great About Britain’

He's described it as "like a Sunday roast..."


Words by: Felicity Martin

slowthai has announced his debut album, ‘Nothing Great About Britain’, which comes out on May 17th and sees features from Skepta and Jaykae.

Speaking to Julie Adenuga on Beats 1 earlier today, the Northampton rapper explained he’d been working on the forthcoming record for two years and compared it to a “sunday roast”.

He also shared a new cut, ‘Gorgeous’:

The striking artwork finds slowthai in the stocks in front of an estate, and he revealed the story behind it to Julie: “Where we shot the cover is this estate I went to first from the hospital when I was born. And it’s council flats, but they’re knocking it down. The week before we showed up to shoot the cover, they were sending eviction notices to all the people. The people were happy for us to be there. They raved, and they wanted to be involved. And it just made them happier.

“And then the council and the people who owned the plot of land that are trying to force them out to build new build flats, they basically were saying no, you can’t do this. Because obviously, we are shining light on a situation they would rather keep quiet. So, then I believe that in my opinion, adds a whole lot more layers… it’s powerful for me, because it’s my piece. It’s my people, it’s how I stand for is people and people from a similar place.”

He also mentioned Theresa May in the interview: “I was, I actually was DMing Theresa, and she won’t get back to me. I swear down, I put it on my story. I been saying baby, come on. Let’s settle our differences. I was like, me and you, we need to talk on behalf of our people… She’s ignorant, man… It’s probably got three 6’s in it [what Theresa’s number is]. No, I’m joking. She’s actually really lovely.”

slowthai has also dropped a special merch range to go along with the album pre-orders, which you can find here.

slowthai’s ‘Nothing Great About Britain’ comes out on May 17th 2019 via Method.

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