Exclusive: Stream Slime’s debut album

Bathed in mystique, Slime's new album features ambient after-hours curveballs and an appearance from rapper Jeremiah Jae.


Words by: Natalie /

Breaking through with a little bit of calmness, 'Company' is the debut album by Slime, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Will Archer. Born in Newcastle just before the football league changed for good, his initial desire to create music was unexpected and spurned by the mechanical repetition of the coffee factory his father ran, Slime ended up channeling his influences into playing the drums as a teen. Fast forward a few years and he has a full length album on Weird World. Clichés aside, the album is a real journey and flaunts twists, turns and shades of mystique on the way.

Slime utilises his musical and vocal talents throughout the album, bouncing from foot-tapping hits like Hot Dog to the occasional ambient curveball of In One Year, an orchestral wonder that bathes in the connotations of an after-hours jazz bar. Guest vocals are also employed with additional appearances from Selah Sue on At Sea Again and nonchalant Chi-Town rapper Jeremiah Jae adding a laid back hip hop feel to Slime's keys and percussive roll on Patricia's Stories

Stand out tracks Hot Dog and My Company are a relaxing release from the mundane, a late night soundtrack to a solitary drive down the motorway, freight trucks rolling past. If you're looking for music with the aggression dial set to non-existent, then Slime's your man.

'Company' tracklist:
01. Thurible                                              
02. Striding Edge                                        
03. Hot Dog                                              
04. My Company                                      
05. In One Year                                        
06. Symptoms                                        
07. The Way of Asprilla                          
08. At Sea Again feat. Selah Sue                
09. Patricia's Stories feat. Jeremiah Jae      
10. Down and Tell   


'Company' is out August 14th on Weird World (pre-order).