Slime announces debut album ‘Company’

The lush R&B-leaning electronic musician announces his debut album with new song Hot Dog.


Slime releases his debut album 'Company' via Weird World in August.

Slime is Will Archer, a musician from Newcastle who lives in London. He has been releasing intriguing R&B-leaning electronic music since about 2011 via labels like Tough Love and GETME! He's also a keen collaborator, and boasts production/co-writing credits with artists like Jessie Ware, George Maple, and Vondelpark.

'Company' was recorded over the course of two years in a windowless studio in Hackney. 400 tracks were made for the album but only 10 included in the final package, so this is the crème de la crème we're talking about here.

When the album comes out, you will be privy to guest sposts from Selah Sue and Jeremiah Jae, but for now, you can hear a new song called Hot Dog, a lush, emotional, unpretentious piece of R&B. 

Slime 'Company' tracklist:
01. Thurible                                               
02. Striding Edge                                        
03. Hot Dog                                              
04. My Company                                      
05. In One Year                                        
06. Symptoms                                        
07. The Way of Asprilla                          
08. At Sea Again (feat. Selah Sue)                
09. Patricia's Stories (feat. Jeremiah Jae)          
10. Down and Tell   

Weird World release 'Company' on August 14th 2015 (buy).