Sleep ∞ Over has a new album coming out

The psychedelic debut LP 'Forever' is set for release on the 27th September.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Delicate-voiced, synth-wobbling artist Sleep ∞ Over is set to release her debut LP in September on Hippos In Tanks.

The Austin-based project is primarily the solo work of lead singer Stefanie Franciotti, although she is supported by a live band on tour, consisting of Christine Aprile, Eli Welbourne, and Jesse Jenkins.Notable previous releases include the Casual Diamond single, also on Hippos In Tanks.


1. Behind Closed Doors
2. Romantic Streams
3. Porcelain Hands
4. The Heavens Turn By Themselves
5. Casual Diamond
6. Crying Game
7. Flying Saucers Are Real
8. Stickers
9. Untitled
10. Don’t Poison Everything

Hippos in Tanks will release ‘Forever’ on the 27th September.