Skream feat. Kelis – Copy Cat

Kelis ends 2012 with a sultry and sensational collaboration with London producer Skream.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Somewhere in 2012, it became cool to hate on Kelis, as certain rappers excluded her from their clique, and certain others used her old wedding dress as a marketing tool. You could say it’s been a bit of a bad PR year for the superstar, but just as it draws to a close, she’s re-appeared from the ether with this astoundingly minimalist feature on London-based producer Skream’s upcoming EP ‘Skreamizm Vol. 7’.

While the production is tense and restrained, Kelis pours sensuality into her vocal delivery on Copy Cat, going in for the kill with each and every breath she takes over the twinges of scattered beats. There’s no question of where the power lies here, as you’re made to wait for the vocal to soar into view, and taunted by the biting refrain, “C’mere copy cat”. Talk about ending the year on a high.

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