Shlohmo – Later

The LA producer shares a gut-wrenching and emotional vocal that isn't really a vocal at all.


Back in the early days of video gaming, composers were fairly restricted by their technology and had to find increasingly clever ways of using their limited resources to make compelling music. Without the capacity to include vocals, the melodies that were synthesised would often make it seem like the game was singing without actually saying anything.

Shlohmo seems like somebody who grew up on video games. Later, a track taken from his forthcoming ‘Laid Out’ EP, features a gut-wrenching lead melody. And yet to call it a lead melody isn’t quite right – it feels more like a vocal line. It sounds as if it’s singing, and if it is singing then it’s singing with just as much heart and emotion as any ballad with real, serious lyrics.

Wedidit will release the ‘Laid Out’ EP on March 5th.

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