Shigeto to play full live show London’s Village Underground

Before the Detroit producer hits London's Village Underground on May 8th, he gets interviewed by his mate Will Horrocks from LV.


Detroit producer Shigeto is hitting London next month for a live show at the Village Underground, Shoreditch with his full show, with support coming from DjRum, Slugabed, and Anchorsong.

One person who's likely to be in the crowd is Will Horrocks, one of Shigeto's pals and a member of London sound system fanatics LV. Before the show, Horrocks had a quick chat with Shigeto over email about the show, about touring, and about good food.

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Will Horrocks: Do you have any hip hop? If so, what are your favourites and how big an influence are they on the music you make?

Shigeto: "Hip hop? Love that stuff *slaps knee*. Really tho. I pretty much grew up on hip hop from the late '90s and early 2000s. Obviously influenced by Dilla but also folks like Madlib, Pete Rock, RZA, El-P, and Dre. My biggest influence I'd say was in the jazz that their music was inspired from."

Will Horrocks: One of our good mutual friends is a music journalist, and while he is an obvious scumbag, is there anything good about what he and his colleagues do?

Shigeto: "Well besides being a good human and friend Lo (Laurent Fintoni) has a great non-profit, 'Original Cultures', that brings musicians from all over the globe together and hopefully make something new and interesting. I'm a fan. On top of that he's a great writer. I might be biased but I feel the man has a way with words and a sensitive side that can really show a side of the music industry a lot of journalists don't capture. Good Lo plug?"

Will Horrocks: You tour a lot — where's good?

Shigeto: "I find things almost everywhere that I can appreciate. So many pros and cons to every situation. Overall though, Japan and Australia tours have been so mind blowing to me though. The culture, food, people and of course the shows."

Will Horrocks: How many flights have you missed by sleeping in while on tour?

Shigeto: "Two! I'd say I have a decent track record."

Will Horrocks: You're a drummer right? What's your favourite drum? Mine's a snare drum, FYI.

Shigeto: "I like hitting circles." 

Will Horrocks: I notice you've recently been working as part of a live band — is this a return to your roots? How is it a different process to your more electronic productions?

Shigeto: "Most definitely a return. I haven't played in a band setting in long time. Also haven't played with musicians of this caliber. It's taking some getting used to knowing my new roll, not having to be doing so much all the time. It's fun to lay back and listen more."

Will Horrocks: You live in Detroit. Are you sick of the media talking about how rundown it is there?

Shigeto: "Yes."

Will Horrocks: Your last name is Saginaw. Are you a Native American?

Shigeto: "No. I'm Japanese/Russian Jew. My last name was something else originally and was spelled 'Saginaw' coming off the boat."

Will Horrocks: Your Instagram is well pretty, how do you do it and have you thought about giving up this whole music thing to concentrate on it full time?

Shigeto: "No. I have a love/hate relationship with all social media especially IG."

Will Horrocks: So, food, what are you gonna make for me when I come visit you?

Shigeto: "Lots and lots and lots of tasty meat."

Will Horrocks: What's your cocktail?

Shigeto: "Bourbon, neat with a side of soda water."

Shigeto performs at the Village Underground in Shoreditch, London on May 8th 2015 (buy tickets).