SFV Acid – The Dwell [album stream]

Try Zane Reynold's brilliantly non-jacking acid house album before you buy.


Words by: Anthony Walker

One of Dummy’s most anticipated albums of the year, SFV Acid’s ‘The Dwell’, is out this week and up on Soundcloud to listen to right now. It’s a singular project that SFV Acid conceptualized and apparently even recorded at a Starbucks in the Valley and the mood is, appropriately, laid-back and a bit queasy. Short ambient recordings bridge partially or surprisingly well-formed analog sketches that make up a very honest, charming, sometimes wide-eyed and sometimes deadpan impression of the suburbs and retail parks he creeps in. The full stream is up over at The Fader and a promo clip for the album is embedded below.

‘The Dwell’ was released via UNO NYC on 28th May 2013