Sex Judas – Big Sex Thing

Sleazy disco from the amazingly-named Sex Judas.


Sex Judas released a jam called My Girls, featuring his sidekick Ricky, in 2013. It was quite ridiculous but quite great, and the sort of bizarro funk song that could only be made by somebody calling themselves "Sex Judas".

Now Sex Judas has a fresh batch of sleaze to unload, with a new 12" for Marketing Music featuring two tracks: one called Big Sex Thing, the other, ahem, Cocksucker Blues. There are elements of acid house, cosmic funk, and dub here, but the take home from Big Sex Thing is how much it contrasts against the straight, sanitized, whitewashed version of disco that's been revived on-and-off over the past decade or so. 

Sex Judas 'Big Sex Thing' EP tracklist:

01. Big Sex Thing
02. Cocksucker Blues
03. Big Sex Thing (Dub)
04. Big Sex Thing (Tim Paris remix)
05. Big Sex Thing (Arttu remix)

Marketing Music released the 'Big Sex Thing' EP on April 6th 2015.