Seaside Houz Boys – Surfing On Ice Cream

Legowelt revives his Seaside Houz Boys alias for some gritty, demented house music.


Seaside Houz Boys is one of Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt's many, many aliases. He's only used it once before – back in 2011, when he released the 'Deephouz Y'All' EP through Crème Organization, a selection of freaky house tracks which included one particular favourite called From A Man's Journal.

Wolfers doesn't just create aliases for the sake of it though – each one has its own distinct style and reason for existence – and as such the new 'Surfing On Ice Cream' EP feels like… well, like Seaside Houz Boys. You can take a listen to its gritty, somewhat demented title track now. 

The EP is coming out on DJ Haus's label Hot Haus Recs very shortly, and its wonderful, ludicrous artwork features Wolfers and Crème boss DJ TLR literally surfing on ice cream.

Hot Haus Recs release the 'Surfing On Ice Cream' EP on June 1st 2015 (buy).