Scissor Sisters vs Krystal Pepsy – Shady Love

This Azealia Banks and Boys Noize joint penned new track from the glam disco band has teeth.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

In the lead up to their fourth album, New York disco band Scissor Sisters have stepped in the studio with woman-of-the-moment Azealia Banks and Boys Noize’s Alex Ridha to come up with this slab of ballsy joy. You can hear each of their individual input: there’s Azealia’s no-messin’ oompf, Boyz Noise’s bounce and that classic drag-a-family-member-onto-the-dancefloor Scissor Sisters chorus. Have a listen via this cute Hiro Murai directed video below.

Scissor Sisters vs Krystal Pepsy Shady Love will be available to download from 12th February 2012

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