Schoolboy Q – Collard Greens (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Top Dawg's groovy gangster links up with its young world-beater; fun ensues.


Words by: Anthony Walker

Green vegetables often equal weed and money in rap metaphors and it’s no different in this latest track from Schoolboy Q, featuring Kendrick Lamar and produced by THC and Gwen Bunn. Over stalactite/stalagmite percussion and a walking bassline, the pair reminisce about smoke-outs and brag about blowing cash but its depth of awareness and elasticity of the delivery that sets the song, the pair and, even more broadly, the label Top Dawg and group Black Hippy apart; whether it’s the well-controlled eccentricities of the beat, Q saying he spends more on shoes for his young daughter than others make in a year or Lamar composing a guest verse in about three different personas and two different languages. Collard Greens the latest single taken from Schoolboy Q’s upcoming album ‘Oxymoron’ and it’s available to buy on iTunes now.

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