Sasha – Vapourspace

The revered globetrotting DJ/producer returns with his first solo single in nearly four years.


It's been about four years since Sasha last put out a solo single, although he's not exactly been AWOL in that time – there's been remixes and collaborations aplenty, not to mention another entry into his revered 'Involver' series. But he's returning today with a new single, Vapourspace – and naturally he's come back with a bang.

Vapourspace is nine-minute peak-time roller, filled with the globetrotting DJ/producer's hallmarks i.e. it's slowburning, but absolutely massive once it gets there; it's marked by many peaks and troughs rather than building to one singular moment, etc.

It's due out via his own Last Night On Earth imprint, and marks the first of a string of releases coming through from the label throughout the year. On the flipside is an "Intro Mix" of the track, which, as the name implies, is good for starting a set off with the right amount of tension and release.

Sasha Vapourspace tracklist:

01. Vapourspace
02. Vapourspace (Intro Mix)

Last Night On Earth release Vapourspace on March 9th 2015.

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