Salem ‘King Night’ title track emerges

Extreme band lets title track from debut album 'King Night' out of the bag.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Salem’s ‘King Night’ is as fierce and uncompromising a record as you would expect. Listen to the title track now, and drift off forever.

Salem are a trio famous for making frightening music influenced equally by Noise, Dream Pop and Screwed n Chopped Hip Hop who have released 4 EPs (titled, in chronological order, ‘Yes I Smoke Crack’, ‘Frost/Legend’, ‘Water’ and OhK) on labels Merok, Acephale, Audraglint and Big Love; read an interview with them here. ‘King Night’ will be released by independent LA label IAMSOUND on the 28th September.

King Night tracklist
01. King Night
02. Asia
03. Frost
04. Sick
05. Release Da Boar
06. Trapdoor
07. Redlights
08. Hound
09. Traxx
10. Tair
11. Killer