S O H N – Red Lines

The Vienna-based artist unveils yet another moving track from his upcoming debut single.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

There’s an organic richness to S O H N’s production. In our interview with him last month, he told us that when making music, he’s inspired by the smells, climates and memories that form the place around him, and those influences somehow seep their way into his sound.

A melancholy track, full of slow hand-claps and a boldly delicate vocal that trips over a tapestry of re-worked voices, Red Lines certainly captures something frostily special about these dreary winding-down months. It just so happens, though, that these wintry months are a time of new beginnings for S O H N; and, like the sparkling moments of plinky-plonky hopefulness of this new song, the glimmer of success is beckoning for this incredibly talented artist.

Aesop will release S O H N’s debut single on the 5th November.