S O H N – Bloodflows

The vocalist and producer continues to build on his already-trademark sound.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Bloodflows is the latest innovative, melancholy love song to come from S O H N, a Vienna-based British artist who we’re expecting big things from in 2013.

Subdued and listless, the pulse of Bloodflows lies in the self-reflecting downward spiral of a refrain, “my love, my love, my love don’t love me”. Things begin in the realm of conventionality, with S O H N’s vocal taking centre stage against a backdrop of soft-footed synth chords; before long, though, his now-trademark blurring of boundaries kicks up the dust and causes chaos, intertwining distorted and non-distorted vocals with flashes of production that are both emotionally on-point and yet more playful than he’s sounded before. It’s the most fun you’ll have thinking about heartbreak today.

To find out a bit more about S O H N, watch our interview with him in snowy Vienna.

13/03 – BD Rileys – Crack In The Road/Disco Naivete – Austin SXSW
13/03 – Red 7 – Windish Agency Showcase – Austin SXSW
14/03 – Hype Hotel – I Guess I’m Floating – Austin SXSW
15/03 – Mohawk – Windish Agency Day Party – Austin SXSW
16/03 – Latitude 30 – British Music Embassy – Austin SXSW


06/04 – Motel Mozaique Festival – Rotterdam, Netherlands
12/04 – Sound Frame Festival – Vienna, Austraia
13/04 – Prince Charles – Berlin, Germany

18/05 – Food For Your Senses Festival – Tuntage, Luxembourg
25/05 – London Calling – Amsterdam, Netherlands

03/07 – Poolbar Festival – Feldkirch, Austraia
04/07 – Days Off Festival – Paris, France
19-21 – Longtitude Festival – Dublin, Ireland

10/08 – Oya Festival – Oslo, Norway

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