Rustie – Ultra Thizz/Dreamz [stream]

A pair of messy headrushs from Rustie's forthcoming album.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Rustie’s forthcoming album ‘Glass Swords’ on Warp is chasing an extreme kind of headrush. It’s an excitable album, falling head over heels with fun and the exuberance of night and dance floor lights. Case in point: Ultra Thizz and Dreamzz, two tracks which are this week being released as a 12” in advance of the album coming out in October. Ultra Thizz (which is also on the album) catapults skywards on glassy synths while Dreamzz (a new non-album cut) is a sparkling piece of thumping, skewed electronics that sounds like it’s turing itself inside out. Basically, this is dizzy, giddy, great stuff, and you should definitely listen below.

Rustie – Ultra Thizz / Dreamzz (out now) by Rustie

Warp will release Rustie’s album ‘Glass Swords’ on 10th October 2011

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