Russian protests soundtracked by ex-paratroopers

Listen to the sound of the anti-Putin protesters inside.


Words by: Charlie Jones

It’s always interesting to see how music interacts with popular protest. But, as protests mount against the Russian prime minister, an unusual song is fast becoming the theme of those furious at Putin’s premiership.

Posted on popular blog of Rustam Adagamov, an activist in League of Voters a few and by former paratroopers, the tune lambasts Putin, especially for his disregard of the thousands-strong “Ribbons of Freedom” movement – he famously likened their symbol of a white ribbon to a condom. Far from siding with the strong-man of Russia, the elite troops attack him for his God-complex in the folk-rock song, which currently stands at 1.2 million views, and, according to the reports appearing in the western press, can be heard at every protest. Watch Putin And The Paratroopers underneath a translation of the lyrics.

If you’re a good citizen, if you’re the President
there’s the Law and there are some restrictions that apply to you:
You may not steal nation’s money, and you should not ever lie to your people
Be open to the public, be accountable for what you say

Had 8 years as a President, but now you’re a candidate again!
Now look into our eyes, and drop your nomination now!
We trusted you, but you lied to us for so many years, using your old KGB tactics


You are just like me – a man, not a God
I am just like you – a man, not some low-life
We won’t allow any more lying to us
We won’t allow any more stealing from us
We are Freedom’s Airborne troops, Motherland is behind us

You are just a typical state official – not a Czar, not a God!
This country’s Good Citizens are evil “bandar-logs” in your own eyes
White colour of pro-freedom ribbons is everyone’s pride here
But to you it only reminds of some ‘condoms’ **

I look around and see your portraits everywhere
You keep lying to us, and your henchmen also do
We are tired of witnessing our nation’s shame:
Next to poor countryside there are your princely castles

You’ve weakened our national defence, ruined the Army
Forgotten about the soldiers, dismissed the officers
We won’t forget everything that you’ve done
We demand peacefully: Down with the Tyrant!


Remember our grandfathers, who battled the ‘SS’, remember our brave Airborne Guardsmen
Battles of Berlin and Afghanistan are still in our hearts
But for the ruling Party officials there are no other values, except money

In them honour is so scarce, as there is not much human dignity in them, it’s only bullion’s splendour that appeals to them
Their luxury cars, fancy clothes, obsession with consumptionism
Such is your corrupt System’s cynicism!

Nation’s culture is in decline, so is education, and there’s even trading of college diplomas
Bribery permeats everything, an old man here can’t get his medical care
Now your corrupt System has arrived to it’s dead end


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