Runners cover Minor Threat for Our Band Could Be Your Life charity gig

Band we signed to our label cover seminal HC band for Leeds DIY scene-led PIAS fire benefit concert.


Words by: Charlie Jones

In celebration of all things DIY, and particularly as a fund-raiser for the labels affected by the PIAS distribution fire in this summer’s riots, Label Love is organising a night in Leeds based around Michael Azerrad’s seminal anthology of 80s American punk Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991. 13 local bands cover songs from the 13 iconic groups the book focuses on, as well as playing a couple of their own tracks. Our band Runners’ interpretation of the stern brilliance of Minor Threat is just one of the pairings.


Full line-up (bands in the order they appear in the book)

Humanfly (Black Flag)
Double Muscle (Minutemen)
Wooderson (Mission Of Burma)
RUNNERS (Minor Threat)
Shark Teeth (Husker Du)
Idea Shower (The Replacements)
Downdime (Sonic Youth)
Grant K Fennel (Butthole Surfers)
Blacklisters (Big Black)
Vacant Kiss (Dinosaur Jr)
The Big Horse Band (Mudhoney)
The Blanche Hudson Weekend (Beat Happening)

This looks a great night for remembering the classics and enjoying new talent, as well as helping out a good cause. Our Band Could Be Your Life is held at the Brudnell Social Club on Saturday the 19th November, tickets £3.

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