rRoxymore/Oni Ayhun/Jaguar Woman/Aquarian Jugs – DR1-1

Deconstructed and reconstructed techno from the bold artist collective.


'Decon/Recon #1' is a new collaborative EP between rRoxymore, Oni Ayhun, Aquarian Jugs (aka Planningtorock), and Jaguar Woman (aka Paula Temple).

Released via Temple's label/collective Noise Manifesto, the 'Decon/Recon #1' EP features four tracks all made in a very non-traditional manner: each of the artists supplies some sounds for a piece of electronic music, and each of the artists makes a track from the final pool of sounds. Importantly, all four artists are credited collectively on the release, a move which both eliminates any connotations of seeing a single artist's name, yet also avoids falling into bullshit ~anonymous artist~ cliches.

Here's the EP's first track, a very eccentric piece of dance music that feels a bit impLOG, a bit James White, a bit Smith N Hack. It's also a bit good, and the first we've heard from Oni Ayhun (who, it's generally agreed, is probably Olof Dreijer of The Knife) in a few years.

'Decon/Recon #1' tracklist:

01. DR1-1
02. DR1-2
03. DR1-3
04. DR1-4

Decon/Recon live dates:

April 30th: Donau Festival, Krems 

June 19th: Arena, Berlin

Noise Manifesto released 'Decon/Recon #1' on April 20th 2015 (buy).