Rone – Acid Reflux

Rone teams up with avant-garde jazz trumpeter Toshinori Kondo for an expressive, transportative new song.


Rone is a bit of a musician's musician, favouring collaboration, musicality, expression, and exploration in his music above any heavy gimmicks or concepts.

Third album 'Creatures' sees Rone open up his world to a range of collaborators and friends, from The National's Bryce Dessner to French pop hero Etienne Daho. It's an intimate and expressive album, no better exemplified than by Acid Reflux, which features a lot less 303 than its title might make you think.

A collaboration with Toshinori Kondo, an avant-garde jazz trumpeter who has worked with the likes of DJ Krush, Herbie Hancock, and Bill Laswell (once again, you know you're dealing with a seriously accomplished musician here), Acid Reflux is calming and transportative, and it doesn't need any more explanation than that.

InFiné release 'Creatures' on February 9th 2015 (pre-order).

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