Robyn, Skengdo & AM, Mall Grab and more added to Dummy’s NEXT HYPE playlist


While it’s been a pretty bleak week for news in the real world, there’s been no shortage of great musical offerings to soundtrack it. Dummy got gifted a mix from Clark who went above and beyond by throwing in 15 unreleased tracks, we met Miink, the double-braided artist behind 2018’s most intriguing mixtape so far, and premiered ace new music from dance music maverick Andrew Weatherall and icon Yoko Ono, and got Bristol’s jungle upstart Etch to name his top 10 video game soundtracks – something that proved tricky for the self-confessed “massive nerd”.

To continue what’s become a tradition every Friday, we’ve loaded up our Spotify new music playlist with the 20 best tracks to make it onto the Dummy stereo, and there’s Robyn’s pop-meets-club slow-burner ‘Honey’, Skengdo & AM’s link-up with Chief Keef for Brixton drill meets Chicago drill, alongside new heat from Yaeji, Moses Boyd and Jarreau Vandal.

As always – all genres, no limits.

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