Rinzen explains his production process in this Point Blank techno masterclass video

The LA producer explains his go-to plugins, meticulous processing and EQing methods and how he makes his drums pop...


Words by: Billy Ward

Having already collaborated with Suitman Jungle to provide an instructive track breakdown, Point Blank are back again with a new video.

Los Angeles producer Rinzen’s cinematic house and techno sound has seen him shut down shows all over the world and land his other-worldly club tracks on some of Europe’s most sought after labels such as Berlin’s Steyoyoke and London’s Chapter 24.

Whilst stopping over in London to play a host of shows including a slot at Creamfields festival, the signee to EDM giant deadmau5’s imprint mau5trap took time to visit Point Blank studios to give an insight into his production techniques when it came to collaborating with Marbs and Evan Casey on the weighty track ‘Torus’.

Delving into his Ableton Live project files, Rinzen deconstructs the creative process behind the song starting with how to build a project from scratch, his methods for getting ideas down and some of the important procedures a music producer must undertake.

Rinzen then talks through more refined details surrounding the track such as his go-to plugins, meticulous processing and EQing methods and how he makes his drums pop so much.

The Point Blank Music School sets out to teach the creative process of music making at a professional level and utilise their state-of-the-art facilities and expert instructors all over the world to provide students with the skills to move into a career in the music industry.

Watch the video now: 

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