Ricardo Tobar – There Is Pop

Chilean producer inspired by old shoegaze and new techno drops a lush song from his new album.


Ricardo Tobar is an electronic artist from South America whose warm techno has a shoegaze-y quality to it. He's released on labels like Border Community and Desire Records, and last year was remixed by Daniel Avery, who has talked highly of his work before.

The Chilean producer's next project is 'Collection', a full-length for Cocoon Recordings. New song There Is Pop is equally inspired by the sort of bands who took their guitar music into lush, post-acid house territories as it is by modern techno and dance music structures. It's also very, very pretty.

Ricardo Tobar 'Collection' tracklist:

01. Pasaje
02. Brittle
03. Invierno
04. Angora
05. Inside Castle
06. There Is Pop
07. Blue Mint
08. Red Light
09. Crystal Sun
10. Strange Wave

Cocoon Recordings release 'Collection' on May 8th 2015.

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