Retiree – Heard You’re Doing Well

The new Sydney group's latest number is a lush, tropical pop song, due out on Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section International label.


Retiree are a new group from Sydney. Their sweet, subtle, lush pop music debuted last year on Plastic World, a fairly new dance pop label from Australia who we must say have been consistently splendid in their relatively short lifespan.

Retiree are following up their Plastic World debut with a new EP called 'This Place', with latest song Heard You're Doing Well coming off like a wonderful combination between the extended mix of Carly Simon's Why, Arthur Russell's posthumous album 'Another Thought', the warm R&B of Kindness, and the tropical/new age/house hybrids of artists like Max D and labels like Mood Hut.

No wonder, then, that the band have found a fan in Bradley Zero, head of Peckham's best clubnight, Rhythm Section. It's not unusual to hear these sorts of sounds in the night's early hours, and it's therefore not particularly crazy to hear that Zero will be giving 'This Place' a UK release through his Rhythm Section International label.

Rhythm Section International/Plastic World release the 'This Place' EP on June 22nd 2015 (buy).