Real Lies – World Peace (Pariah remix)

Pariah drops his first solo material of the year, remixing one of the best songs in ages.


Real Lies' World Peace is probably one of the best songs to have come out this year (which is, obviously, why we went on record and said as much), so we're pretty much up for screaming about how good it is whenever an opportunity to do so pops up. The latest reason for us to pull out the megaphone is a proper good 'un though: the song has been remixed by awesome producer Pariah. This outing is actually Pariah's first, and probably only, bit of solo material to surface this year, the R&S producer imbuing Real Lies' original with a UK garage swing. 

While we're here, you should definitely take a trip down memory lane and check out Pariah's vintage garage mix, dating from back in 2010.