Real Lies – Seven Sisters

Uplifting new single from the North London band.


Real Lies are back with a new single, Seven Sisters.

Premiered as the Hottest Record on Annie Mac's show a few days back, Seven Sisters is one of the band's most out-and-out party moments so far.

Seven Sisters isn't a departure from the sort of themes that Real Lies explored on their previous two singles, but it does solidify their obsessions with North London, romance, partying, poetry, uplifting garage house, and a generation adrift (in this case, "a decade with no name").

It's very fun, but as much as the lyrics feel very 2015, the Basement Boys-y production and vintage M1 piano house chords – no matter how euphoric – do feel like a bit of a regression for a band that have previously always proven themselves above the retro/'90s accusations that their critics have thrown at them. Top marks for a quality loon sample though.

Real Lies have been putting the finishing touches to their debut album, so expect an announcement on that shortly. Otherwise, you can catch them play at a handful of European festivals over the summer.

Real Lies live dates:

May 15th: The Great Escape, Brighton
May 16th: Les Nuits Sonores, Lyon
May 18th: Latitude Festival, Suffolk

August 1st: Standon Calling, Standon

Marathon Artists released Seven Sisters on May 6th 2015 (buy).

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