Read a new Aphex Twin interview; download free music

Richard D. James did an interview with his mate for tiny blog Noyzelab and he put loads of tracks up on it.


Here's a strange one: Aphex Twin has done a new interview and shared a bunch of free music on a very tiny blog.

Speaking to his mate David Burraston over email, the interview was conducted over a couple of months – from the start of the blimp going up to after the release of 'Syro'. It's a long read (and it's only part one!) covering everything from gear to conspiracy theories to when RDJ will next release music. Scattered throughout the Q&A are free track sketches like Metz Pa Hat Break and The Best Track [afx's son] (which is, ya know, apparently by Aphex Twin's son), as well as different versions of Avril 14th.

It also comes with the news that Aphex Twin now has an official Soundcloud account to host the unreleased music.

Read the full interview over at Noyzelab, and keep your eyes peeled on the Warp Records Twitter account for part two.