The Ray Charles Foundation is suing Ray Charles’ kids

Seven of the late singer's twelve children are being sued by the charitable foundation set up in his name.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Ray Charles Foundation is suing seven of the iconic singer’s twelve children for trying to gain copyright on dozens of Charles’ songs.

According to the lawsuit (which you can actually read in full here ), Charles struck a deal with his kids in 2002, agreeing that they would each receive $500,000 from him, in return for not seeking any more inheritance from his estate.

However, the foundation claims that seven of the singer’s children have tried to go back on this deal since his death in 2004, making attempts to seize copyright on around 50 of his songs.

The lawsuit has now been filed to attempt to prevent any more confusion over the ownership of Charles’ songs; the foundation is also demanding $500,000 plus court costs from each of Charles’ rebellious seven children.

The Ray Charles foundation was established by Ray Charles in 1986 to support those with hearing difficulties, and makes donations in the area of hearing disorders as well as supporting general educational institutions.

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