Radiohead – Thriller, Illum Sphere & Shed remixes [stream]

Big band's tensest set of reworks so far come from Thriller, Illum Sphere & Shed.


Words by: Ruth Saxelby

The latest instalment to Radiohead’s ‘King Of Limbs’ 12” remix releases is a study in tension, each of the three contributors focusing on a moment then stretching and suspending it. Actress and Lukid under their Thriller name take on Give Up The Ghost, spinning it into a spool of liquid techno. Manchester producer Illum Sphere’s rework of Codex builds an echo-y pressure that gives way to Thom Yorke’s sighing vocal. Finally, Berlin techno producer Shed dismantles Little By Little into its composite parts, like the inner workings of a clock, before slowly building them back up into a vaguely disconcerting rattling shuffle. All in all, of the Radiohead remixes so far, it’s possibly these three that get Radiohead’s under-the-skin discomfort the best.

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