Rabit announces his debut album due on Tri Angle

The Texan producer brings his apocalyptic sound to a full-length project.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

Texan Rabit's claustrophobic, apocalyptic music has found a long-form home in debut album 'Communion' via Tri Angle. The producer has been shelling out some of the most out-there and exciting sounds in grime recently and this is his biggest project to date. 

After a few years darting between labels such as Diskotopia and Glacial Sound as well as putting out the highly underrated 'Sun Dragon' EP on Parris' label Soundman Chronicles – he's now with Tri Angle, who put out his Baptizm EP earlier this year.

The record is inspired by "issues relating to sexuality, gender, ownership of our natural bodies, societal and governmental injustices, and media manipulations, the discussion of which have been so prevalent of late." This is clear in the anger and tension, drums so forceful and charged they could knock the wind out of you and ominous pads that infiltrate the first cut to be shared – Pandemic. Listen below and check out the tracklist and artwork. 


Communion tracklist:

01. Advent

02. Snow Leopard

03. Fetal

04. Artemis

05. Ox

06. Flesh Covers the Bone

07. Pandemic

08. Burnerz

09. Glass Harp Interlude

10. Black Gates

11. Trapped in This Body

Communion is released via Tri Angle on 30th October 2015.

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