Py – Sealion

Funky and carefree new song from the UK vocalist, produced by Throwing Snow.


Py is a UK vocalist that you really ought to know by now: she's been releasing music for a few years, working with then-unestablished-but-now-quite-familiar producers like Lapalux, Throwing Snow, and George Fitzgerald on her early mixtapes. In the intervening years she featured on a song by US group ODESZA, was recently described by Citizenn as "probably my favourite UK vocalist", and now she's releasing a new EP via own new label, Tilehouse.

The 'Ghostdance' EP was recorded at Red Bull Studios in Paris, its four tracks made alongside good pal Throwing Snow. New song Sealion sees both artists at their most funky and carefree: it's an unpretentious pop song, with Py demonstrating some ace songwriting by including an actual, proper, amazing chorus.

It's also really British-sounding, which is a refreshing change to the increasingly Americanized music landscape you get over here. It sort of reminds us of that time you would have massive pop acts (your Rachel Stevens level of artist, etc.) working with inventive producers like Richard X, with both artist and producer clearly challenging each other creatively and the final product coming across really breezy and unforced. Which is no bad thing at all.

Tilehouse release the 'Ghostdance' EP on March 30th 2015 (pre-order).