Putin wants the Kremlin to “take charge” of Russian rap music

The Russian president said that rap music should be controlled not banned...


Words by: Felicity Martin

Vladimir Putin has said that he wants the Kremlin to take control of rap music, to avoid “the degradation of the nation”.

Responding to a growing popularity of rap among Russia’s youth, the Russian president said that cultural leaders should find a way to “lead it and direct it” rather than ban it.

His comments come at the time of a crackdown on contemporary music in Russia, with a rapper named Husky having been arrested last month for hooliganism after throwing an impromptu gig on top of a car.

Putin noted that rap was based on “three pillars: sex, drugs and protest,” and was most concerned about the drugs.

He also commented on the use of swearing in rap songs, and compared swear words to body parts: “We have all sorts of body parts, and it’s not like we put them on display all the time, whether it’s hot or cold.”


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