Puregroove’s top selling 7 inches of May

Excellent indie shop's most successful singles.


Words by: Charlie Jones

  1. Weekend/Young Prisms End Times/I Don’t Get Much (Transparent)
  2. Smith Westerns / Magic Kids Imagine Part 3 / Superball (Fat Possum)
  3. Psychobuildings Portrait / No Man’s Land (Transparent)
  4. Mr Little Jeans Angel (Neon Gold)
  5. Gold Panda You (Notown)
  6. Alex Bleeker These Days (Group Tightener)
  7. Surfer Blood / Holiday Shores Split 7” (Two Syllable)
  8. Pure Ecstasy Voices (Acephale)
  9. The Neat In Youth Is Pleasure (Chewing Gum)
  10. Hind Ear Origami (Nouns)