Project Pablo – Why, Though?

Skippy, looser-than-loose house music from insanely prolific Vancouver label 1080p.


Project Pablo is the latest musician to release on the insanely prolific Vancouver DIY label 1080p

Although the label have had an international spread of artists release music with them, 1080p will always big up the city they call home whenever they can. Project Pablo is a producer originally from Vancouver who makes skippy house music in the vein of a Max D kind of character.

Here's PP's looser-than-loose new jam Why, Though?, taken from their new full-length 'I Want To Believe'. It's wonky, weird, and lots of fun, and doesn't need much more context than that.

Fans are encouraged to delve deeper into the 1080p catalogue and check out a couple of other releases that the label have put out this year, by MCFERRDOG and Neu Balance.

1080p release 'I Want To Believe' on February 24th 2015 (pre-order).

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