Principles Of Geometry – Streamsters (L-Vis 1990 remix)

Night Slugs delivers an industrial version of the French synth duo's new single.


French synth duo Principles of Geometry are releasing a new album called 'Meanstream', their fourth full-length since their 2005 debut. While no strangers to working with vocalists both big (French pop crooner and bizarre one-time Eurovision entrant Sebastien Tellier) and small (cult outsider musician Tonetta featured on their last record), 'Meanstream' features a few hook-ups with The Alessi Brothers, the twin brother duo who released a handful of soft rock records during the 1970s and onwards (they also worked on the Ghostbusters soundtrack) which have since become revered in the right circles.

The Alessi Brothers feature on the album's lead single Streamsters, but on this remix, Night Slugs co-boss L-Vis 1990 shows very little interest in keeping their light presence intact, stripping the song down to a pouding, industrial rhythm. Recent mixes by L-Vis have seen him show his interest in Belgian new beat and industrial and electronic body music, and this remix seems to be his own spin on it. 

The single, featuring L-Vis 1990's remix, is out now, and you can check the details of the forthcoming album below.


01. Prologue 
02. Lonnie
03. Streamsters
04. Dogod
05. Videostore
06. Roanoke
07. Suntunnel
08. Polysex
09. Runner
10. Epilogue

Tigersushi released Streamsters on March 14th 2014 (buy), and will release the album 'Meanstream' on April 28th 2014 (pre-order).

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