Premiere: Yola Fatoush – Up Out Of It [album stream]

Stream the chilly and frenetic debut album from the London duo.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Yola Fatoush are a difficult group to pin down, and their debut, ‘Up Out Of It’, sees the beguiling London duo pulling together seemingly disparate threads from R&B, garage/2-step and house, not to mention the Shangaan electro influence noted in last year’s Guardian profile of the band. The resulting record isn’t far from Nguzunguzu in places, filtering the tropes of urban radio and contemporary club music through a chilly, dystopic lens, as on the frenetic juke cut Are We Divided. At other times, Yola Fatoush skew much closer to the lineage of UK dance, as with the aptly titled Vibrant, which marries skittering beats with the perky pop-garage sub-bass and female vocals. ‘Up Out Of It’ will be released next week, but for now you can stream it here.

Time No Place will release ‘Up Out Of It’ on the 6th May 2013.

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