Premiere: Yamaneko – Tugboat (Otherworld Mix)

Dreamy, world-building electronic producer debuts a new track from another realm, due on Coyote Records' new compilation later this month.


Yamaneko's dreamy, grime-ish, 'totes emosh' electronic music received a well-earned Album of the Week rating when debut album 'Pixel Wave Embrace' was released through Local Action a couple of weeks ago. That album demonstrated Yamaneko's ability to construct a realm for himself and his music to inhabit. He even invented a parallel universe for it, crafting "Otherworld" mixes of each of the album's tracks.

It's unlikely that the majority of those Otherworld mixes will ever see the light of day, but he has offered a glimpse into what that world might resemble with this alternate version of Tugboat, which is a little more stripped back, a little weirder, and a little rawer than its album mix.

It comes out on 'Coyote Kings Vol. II', a forthcoming compilation from instrumental grime/club trax outlet Coyote Records.

'Coyote Kings Vol. II' tracklist:

01. Chemist Fall Back
02. Famous Eno Puzzlebox Riddim
03. Nomis Ice Cap
04. Rejig Ice Xungle
05. Sharp Veins Pompelmo
06. Spokes Gassed Up
07. Strict Face Taipan Showers
08. T_A_M Graze Tha Trax
09. Underclass Rinse Compressor
10. Yamaneko Tugboat (Otherworld Mix)

Coyote Records release 'Coyote Kings Vol. II' on December 22nd 2014 (pre-order). Local Action released 'Pixel Wave Embrace' on November 24th 2014 (buy).