Premiere: Wyles & Simpson – Light & Dark (Doc Daneeka remix)

An atmosphere-altering remix of London duo Wyles & Simpson's first track from the Numbers-affiliated house producer.


Words by: Aurora Mitchell

Wyles & Simpson – named after its two members, Abigail Wyles and Holly Simpson – offered up their debut song Light & Dark a few weeks back. The harmonious song sees powerful, slick vocals take centre position, as sweeping orchestral strings and a tight synth loop weave their way around them.

Here, Numbers-affiliated house producer Doc Daneeka takes the newcomers' promising song and, very lightly, tampers with its dynamics, altering the atmosphere with hissing drums and a slowly swelling synth drone while keeping the vocal parts as they are.

MTA Records released Light & Dark on December 1st 2014 (buy).

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