Premiere: William Arcane – ‘Reflected’ [EP stream]

Morose electronic pop music from the singer/producer from London.


London singer/producer William Arcane first drifted onto our radar just shy of a year ago with Want Somebody, a song plucked from his debut single for Pictures Music. Want Somebody was an introduction to a new artist with strong ideas, but it relied on a few familiar production tropes (pitch-shifted vocal effects, those bright, exuberant synth chords that you might associate with a LuckyMe release) that ultimately detracted from the originality of the song as a whole.

Thankfully on new EP 'Reflected', Arcane's music seems to have developed into something that belongs to him, with its two tracks displaying a more confident songwriter and a more experimental producer. The doleful b-side, Fade, is the pick of the two tracks here.

Pictures Music release 'Reflected' on March 31st 2014.

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