Premiere: Wildarms – Twice (Blue Hawaii agoracid remix)

The Montreal duo turn in a lurching techno remix that defies expectations.


Blue Hawaii are really very pleasant, writing low-key songs based around lush vocals that are bent out of shape through studio trickery, and even when heavier electronics enter the fray there’s still an essential warmth and humanity underlining the whole thing.

Wildarms, AKA Duncan Cooper, meanwhile, makes instrumental music with hip hop inflections that is also very understated but oddly uplifting at the same time. All of this makes the combination of Blue Hawaii and Wildarms seem a decent proposition on paper, yet the resulting remix of Twice might confound those expectations. Blue Hawaii’s “agoracid” reshape is a bit of lurching, low-slung techno, with Wildarms’s original work hidden somewhere in the distance and only starting to show up towards the end. We hope there’s also a sludge metal version on the next EP.

Cascine released the ‘Clear Eyes’ EP on the 5th February 2013.

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