Premiere: Valentina – Gabriel

Hear the original, Joe Goddard-less version of the hit track.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Valentina first made a name for herself when her chopped-up vocal appeared on Joe Goddard’s huge 2011 track Gabriel – recently though, she’s stepped into the spotlight with her own EP for Greco-Roman, featuring the stunning single Wolves.

Now, in what seems like a symbolic move, the singer is taking Gabriel back into her own hands by releasing her original version of the song. Allowed room to breathe over muted industrial shuffles, Valentina’s vocal here is raw and open, ebbing and flowing with emotional inflections and making its freedom felt. Aside from the ever-ambiguous accusation of “you broke my heart”, this version of the track doesn’t do much to answer the eternal question of “what did Gabriel do that was so awful?”, but it certainly paints a bleaker picture of the narrator’s story with its eerie and soulful vibe. Stream it exclusively here.

Greco Roman are giving away a free download of The Svens’ remix of Valentina’s single Wolves to celebrate having nearly reached 1 million plays on their Soundcloud – download that here.

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