Premiere: Tirzah – No Romance

The delightful lopsided pop artist returns with a new, five-track EP for Greco-Roman - stream its brill title track inside.


Tirzah's I'm Not Dancing was one of the finest things to come out in 2013. We'd rave about the endearingly lopsided pop song (and the four-track EP of the same name that it appeared on) whenever we had the chance: it was our #2 song of the year, while the less-than-10-minute EP was our Album of the Week when it first came out, and our #1 EP at the end the year.

Basically, Tirzah is brill, so we're chuffed to hear that she'll be releasing a new EP so that we have an excuse to continue blabbing on about her. We're even more chuffed that we have the first taste of it here on Dummy.

The 'No Romance' EP will be released by Greco-Roman on April 21st, and once again comes produced by good pal Mica Levi, aka Micachu. In their own words, 'No Romance' is Tirzah and Mica's "emo" EP – but that's maybe not the most obvious word you'd use to describe the lo-fi R&B bounce of its title track, which pushes Tirzah's voice bright up in the mix and throws in some broken bellchimes for good measure.


01. No Romance
02. Best Thing
03. Malfunction
04. Style
05. You

Greco-Roman release 'No Romance' on April 21st 2014.

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