Premiere: Thumpers – Unkinder (Jack Savidge remix)

Ex-Pull Tiger Tail duo get an incredibly joyous remix courtesy of the Friendly Fires man.


Thumpers are a duo made up of Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr, who those with good memories will be familiar with due to their involvement with new rave outfit Pull Tiger Tail, before that band fell victim to record label wrangling and dropped off the face of the earth. Their new single Unkinder has been transformed into a midtempo, 808-led house track courtesy of Jack Savidge, who is a member of the band Friendly Fires by day (although we all know that his fantastic Dummy Mix 151 is the real reason for his celebrity). The remix is very happy and uplifting without resorting to lazy signifiers or schmaltz, and it has such a solid thud that you can’t really stop your foot from tapping, try as you might.

Transgressive will release the ‘Unkinder’ EP on June 3rd. You can get it here.

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