Premiere: Tezeo – Last

Hear a shadowy synth jam from the Brooklyn duo's upcoming album.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

As Brooklyn-based duo Tezeo prepare to release their debut album next month, we're thrilled to share the second track from the release. Last is a light-hearted synth jam that, typically for Tezeo, contains much more darkness than its neon melody line and soft vocals initially indicate. Things really get serious around the 2 minute mark, when the bass falls through the floor, the percussion develops a shuddering speed, the melody drifts freely and a sense of wide, echoing space wraps itself around the listener before that heady synth line comes back in. It basically epitomises the quality that keeps us coming back to the duo's music – the sheer amount of ideas at work under the surface, drawing from the shadows as much as the light. 

Tezeo will release their self-titled debut LP on the 8th October 2013.

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