Premiere: Tempers – Hell Hotline (bEEdEEgEE remix)

Bright 'n' colourful remix of a dark 'n' gothic tune by Gang Gang Dance's Brian DeGraw.


Having already shared two new tracks Bricks and Flowers ​from his forthcoming 4AD album 'SUM/ONE', Gang Gang Dance feller and all-round musical deviant Brian DeGraw has remixed New York duo Tempers under his bEEdEEgEE alias. DeGraw's take on Hell Hotline retains all the dark 'n' moody vocals but buries seemingly everything else, the gothic guitar work being replaced with colourful synths. It's actually a little reminiscient of some of those fantastic HEALTH remixes that appeared on their 'DISCO' and 'DISCO 2' albums.

Tempers themselves have got a stack of tour dates coming up around Europe and the UK, which you can check out here.

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