Premiere: Sun Angels – ‘S3TEP’ EP


Super exciting that Cascine's new singles label, CSCN, caught on to London's conceptually baffling Sun Angels, who's been around for a while remixing a bevy of Swedes (Merely, Team Rockit), Hannah Diamond's (already-classic-in-some-circles) Pink and Blue, and, of course, Mariah and Rihanna. He also put out a mix of outtakes on their Soundcloud spanning three years called 'Butterflies And Thunderbolts' that featured a cyclonic remix of British girl group, The Saturdays' Missing You, and be sure to check out his recent should-be-the-actual-World-Cup-theme-song remix of Orion's Love Like You've Never Been Hurt Before 

Now CSCN are digitally releasing an EP from Sun Angels called 'S3TEP', with A Drink Before The War as its centrepiece, which perfectly encapsulates how Sun Angels' sound vacillates between placid, ponderous, thoughtful calm, and bounding vivacity. On the Galcher Lustwerk-but-more-chill As We Walk, a pitched down voice delivers a monologue over piano chords saying things like "Let's give it up for house music/The only true expression of emotion/I don't care what anybody else says" (agreed). Nirimu is a French language, lithely bouncing introduction. CSCN is definitely off to a good start so far. 


CSCN released the 'S3TEP' EP on June 24th 2014.